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Mount St. Helens Day Hike


Join us on our adventure out of daily life and into the wilderness of Mt St Helens! We will immerse ourselves in nature as the landscapes continue to evolve and recover from one of the most impactful volcanic eruptions in U.S. history. This majestic mountain blew it's top in 1980 is actually considered a young volcano (less than 40,000 years old) and is still active. With spectacular views of other mountains and wilderness as far as the eye can see, we will breathe deeply the healing quality of nature. With kindness and acceptance we support one another to be with our emotions and our own experiences of grief.

It will be approximately 5 miles of a hike and if there is a desire we may split up into a faster and slower group to have an enjoyable pace for all. This will be a superbly fun day hike, especially if we equip ourselves with:

· nice sturdy hiking shoes,

· Sunscreen and/or a hat to shield us from the bright ball of radiation in the sky, and layers in case of chilly winds.

·  backpack with a water bottle and a good lunch as well.

· feel free to bring trail mix, energy bars, cheese, (dried) fruit etc.

· National Park pass (NOT Discover pass) or buy one online here

If you don't have a piece of gear just ask us and we may have something you can borrow for the day. We will have extra water and snacks just in case.

We will meet in Tumwater at 8 a.m.and caravan and carpool to the mountain. We will arrive back in Olympia around 6 p.m. We'll send you details of where to meet us when you register. We are asking everyone to register in advance, don’t plan to just show up at the mountain and find us. If you are not coming from the Olympia area let us know so we can get you info on where to meet.

Register  here.

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