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Wild Grief.


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youR grief is Wild & welcome.

We believe in the healing power of both nature and of peer support. At Wild Grief, we combine the two. We provide guided hikes at all levels, hour-long, day-long, and multi-day all focused on supporting each other while on our grief journeys. Grief is what we feel after the death of someone close in our lives and then the grief journey begins – we have to go through it and it is disorienting and often deeply painful.
That is why our motto is Go Outside. Go Together. Go Through it.
Wherever you are on your grief journey, we hope you can join us on the trail.


“Huddled on the edge of the seemingly endless expanse of the Puget Sound, I watched the waves for hours each day, holding the memory of my father, who had died a few years earlier, in the back of my mind. I seemed to feel the serene, irresistible ebb and flow of the waves inside me, providing a deep healing I didn’t know I needed.”  - Lily, age 19